10 Ways to Make Great First Impression When Selling Your Home

Make your first impression a lasting impression!



1 - Keep the lawn trimmed and edged

If possible, two months before putting your home on the market for sale, fertilise the lawn and water twice a week.

2 - Trim or remove overgrown plants

This will allow more light to the garden and indeed to the house.

3 - Remove weeds and mulch the garden

Cost effective way to increase the appeal of the house

4 - High pressure clean the exterior of the house

Pressure cleaning the exterior of the house makes the house brighter and removes build-up of webs and insects.

5 - Clean all windows

Clean all windows from both inside and outside. Clean and sparkling windows are pleasing to the eyes and let more light into the house.

6 - Make the letterbox clean and shiny

The letterbox should be upright and clean with shiny number of the house. Sometimes buyers judge the maintenance of the house by the condition of the letterbox. 




7 - Repairs make a big difference

Small things can put off potential buyers. Including:

  • Leaking taps
  • Loose knobs
  • Non-functioning light bulbs.

8 - De-clutter

De-cluttering will give the sense of space to potential buyers. As a general rule of thumb pack and store one third of your belongings from the house. These include:

  • Wardrobes
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Bench tops
  • Pantry
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living areas

9 - De-personalise

You want the buyers to fall in love and start feeling that this could be their next home. Removing personal items and family photos can help them visualise themselves living in your home.

10 - Accessorise

Fresh flowers, mirrors and artwork can create visual excitement for your potential buyers. 

Did you know? 
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