6 Ways to Make Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Here are six clever ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.


1. Decluter

The more items you have in the room the more cramped it will feel. Remove excess furniture, keep top of dresser and side tables clear. This will give instant illusion of space.

2. Scale the Bed

Having a large bed in a small room will make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

3. Draw the Eyes Upwards

Adding shallow, floor to ceiling shelving can help you gain storage space and draw your eyes toward the ceiling which will give the illusion of bigger space.

4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are the quickest way to make a room appear larger.

5. User Lighter Wall Colors

Use white for the trims and white, off-white or lightly tinted grays on the wall.

6. Remove Window Treatments

Leave your windows uncovered. Curtains and drapes make small rooms feel smaller. If you room needs privacy, use modern roller blinds or plantation shutters.