5 reasons to use a buyer's agent

Here are five good reasons to use a buyer's agent / advocate / broker when buying a home or investment property. 

1 - Avoid paying too much

Buyer's agents will do a comparative market analysis and will ensure you do not pay more than the true value of the property.

2- Save time 

Let the buyer's agents use their expertise to find the right property then inspect, evaluate and come up with a short list of properties that meets your criteria.

3 - Early and wide access

Buyers agents have access to all properties on the market and some that are not yet on the market. These are called "Silent" sales that will never make it to the market and you may miss out.

4 - Emotions

Buyer's agents do not use emotions when it comes to choosing the right property.

5 - Negotiation

Buyer's agents are expert negotiators and take into consideration the market condition, seller's motivation and many other factors to achieve the best price for their clients. In many cases buyer's agents can secure a property for less than what the buyer could have on their own.